Thursday, 4 September 2008

Some of those huge changes...

Saying bye bye to work at Google is not easy.. If you know what I mean.. Ah, for those of you who don't know me too well, I was with Google for close to 27 months.. Its a long time, right?

The fact that I joined Google to resign in one year's time and all that stands. But then, its Google. One year there and you would definitely want to stay for more time. And I did. At the end of two years though, I had to make a choice. Studies - it is now or never. The problems:

# It was increasing becoming difficult to even think that it would be possible to let go my lifestyle of a working girl. The longer that life, the harder it gets to break off.

# The gap was worrying me as I thought other kids (I was clearly feeling old) who join my course will be much better off than me considering it is not an MBA that I wanted to do where work experience would count.

# I was getting older and if I continued working, my parents would have won a solid reason to get me married which I am not ready for.

For all these reasons, I did finally call it quits. And here I am- in the Hyderabad Central University. I am doing my Masters in Communication with specialisation in Print and New Media.

No need to say this - my life has changed drastically. I changed my residence from Jeevan Jyothi Institute in Begumpet (the heart of Hyderabad) to Ladies Hostel 5 in our campus, Gachibowli. If you still don't get what I meant, I feel like a frog that was out in the world and suddenly has been put into a well.

Gachibowli is a place at one end of the city and accessibility to any of the hep places that I was used to, are far far away. It is a different thing that I never used to visit all those places on a daily basis anyway. But the feeling that they are all there anyime I want to go was a huge relief. It isn't there now.

Foodhabits. :) I have become a good girl who eats only two meals a day. In the morning, it is the typical South Indian breakfast which I binge on pretty heavily. For lunch, it is modest rice and sambar with one subzi. Amma has helped me cope with it with the generous helpings of fish pickle she has sent.

It is the same lunch menu for dinner as well. For the same reason, I keep aloof from it. Rice for more than once a day is torture for me. Not just because I will grow larger but because I am not used to it and more importantly, I don't like it.

Then what? A better (read more active) lifestyle. Google cabs, A/C rooms, elevators - are all things of the past. It is public transport (outside the university) and a bicycle (inside the university) for me now. And I am loving it! Yes yes, I have been tanned like anything and all that. But I don't care much. I am definitely more mobile now. And riding bicycle on a daily basis is lovely. I never did that even in my childhood.

I have started loving the library! Can you believe that? For books and Internet, both. I generally go in the evenings around 7.30 and return at 11 or so to the hostel. Cool eh? I love those cylce rides back to the hostel. Cool air all through my hair and me floating down the roads. Sigh!!!

Achan's money. :) I forgot that. I am back to those good old days when I would make that sorry face and tell Achan, "Please Please." He he, not really. There is no pleading anymore. He thinks I am mature enough to handle money, so he doesn't ask too many questions. I love it. One of the very few advantages of growing old. And for all you people who thought I am this fiercely independent girl who wouldn't risk her self-esteem by asking dad money especially after working for two years, you are mistaken! I take pride in doing so and being my daddy's girl. I truly am. :P

I have pretty much settled down into this new life. I can see two eventful years ahead of me which would shape me into what I will be for the rest of my life. So here are three cheers to all the huge changes in my life! I AM LOVING IT!

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vishnu said...

Hey sis,
Gr8 to kno wats happenin wit u and how u r moving fw. I can understand how diff it must had been for you to move on, n guess its truly been liberating..

Happy for you.way to go....

ps: i kno u must be wonderin who i'm .... he he keep guessin.