Friday, 31 October 2008

Is business the noun for being busy?

Last week was crazy for the 1st MA students of Communication here in S N School. Our 2 week radio workshop was being wrapped up and we had loads of assignments to finish. Sound recording was easy to do while editing ate up most of our time. This was the first time I laid my hands on something so exciting; something that I always so wanted to do. Almost like a holiday package, after 4 days and 3 nights of relentless editing and sleepless work, now we are at ease. And I feel so good now! Our faculty is pretty impressed with the work we submitted.

 The month ahead is equally busy as well. We have exams lined up on 17th November. Before that, there is a complete portfolio to be made for the Basic Writing course, a video to be edited for the Video Production course, two term papers to be submitted for two other courses and an extempore film review to be written on an intellectual movie! Sounds exciting especially in the 'contextuality' of severe dearth of time. Ha! That's the language one of our Professors use. He is a genius. :)

Meanwhile, there is no 'meltdown' on my movie watching. So if not anything else, movie reviews will still find their way here. Stay with me for some Fashion updates. ;)


The Seeker said...

A first timer here!!! Well read some of your posts, Well Welcome to the world of SN School, as i often tell juniors, your honey moon period is over...

And you write well, Humorous and to the point, good writing, Promise to check the other posts in the future n be regular here!
Take care!!!

Ardramaanasam said...

Thanks a ton Barath.. Your words were really encouraging.. In fact, it is the first time a senior said something so warm. :) Thanks for that.