Thursday, 4 June 2009

My Award on Kerala Film Awards Day!

No phenomenal achievement, may be. But I felt really good and I thought I should share it with you.

Amidst all the Kerala state award declaration frenzy yesterday, an advisor to the Manorama Online team informed my supervisor that a senior Manorama journalist from Thiruvananthapuram conveyed appreciation for an article I wrote two days back. He mentioned the same with the least excitement possible, but of course, that does not stop me from getting excited. For him, it was the usual grind - someone said something is good. But for me, it was a huge - just the right impetus to mint out more stories like I have been doing for some days now. It came at a time when I had got used to the fact that I am in an environment where people hardly take the effort to say 'that's been good.'

Writing is clearly more tedious than I thought when it becomes your job. :)

With the risk of sounding narcissistic, let me break another news. Life has been really good to me for some time now. It can't be justified if I don't acknowledge that, right? My second semester results were announced last week, and guess what, I am the topper! I least expected to be, so I am doubly happy.

By the way, please excuse the fact that the prediction in this piece went all wrong. It is Lal and not Mohanlal who won in the end. Blame it on media speculations! Nevertheless, go on and read it for my sake. ;)

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