Thursday, 11 December 2008

Memoir of a Month..

This one is tough due to the sheer length of the time period involved. I haven’t been posting here for a month and it was not due to the lack of inspiration that happens to most bloggers once in a while.

As I had told you all, it was exam season. But then, that got over on 26th December. What was I doing after that? Precisely, movie watching for about four days and little bit of packing to complement it. On December 1st, I started my long awaited journey back home. To Kerala, God’s own country.

How true that punchline is! The way greenery ushers in a fresh leash of air on to your heart and soul as Sabari Express crosses Tamil Nadu border and enters Palakkad cannot be described.

But it is not just that.  Humidity is a villain. I have started taking bath thrice and four times! After a couple of days at home, I packed off to the capital city, Thiruvananthapuram for a wedding fiesta. My cousin sister Dhanya got married leaving me as the next prospective bride. It is torture! People nag you without ends about how it is the right time to get married. Nobody gets the point that there is a strong requirement of a suitable state of mind to get married. It is marriage after all. Doing it when you are not ready, at the wrong time, can prove disastrous if not fatal. And I am in every other mood than to get married now! Anyway, Dhanya chechi’s wedding went superfine. As I type this, I am back at home again.

This visit is again very brief. Thiruvanathapuram beckons me with an amazing platter of films as it is the IFFK season. The International Film Festival of Kerala starts on 12th December. I am participating for the first time with high hopes of enjoying some great movies and writing some preparatory reviews (for a future in professional film writing). More on that later.

Today, it rained heavily in Arpookara, the beautiful village where I live. Sharada called me and mentioned that Kochi is no different. Rain in December! That’s the unpredictability and beauty of Kerala. There isn’t even a dash of winter here. It is monsoon all the way.

Did I tell you that Sharada, my classmate from UoH (University of Hyderabad) has accompanied me to Kerala? Of course I did not. She is with me for 20 days and will return to Hyderabad after IFFK. Now, she is in Kochi doing rounds in the Jew Street and capturing Synagogue the Sharada way.

So that’s the post after the hiatus. More fun ones will find its way here as a very interesting festival of films awaits me. If someone in Thiruvananthapuram is reading this, try getting a pass and watch some good movies. The array of Malayalam movies itself is very impressive.

IFFK, here I come.

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Sharada said...

>Rain in December! That’s the >unpredictability and beauty of >Kerala. There isn’t even a dash >of winter here. It is monsoon all >the way.

Oi, there was supposedly a depression somewhere off the coast of Sri Lanka at the said time. Authentic news from Naval sources. :p Plus not to forget the North-east monsoon withdraws at this time.