Friday, 16 January 2009

Some rattlings...

Sometimes, things happen not for a reason. My hiatus from blogging is such a thing. Yes, I know that it is a very philosophical way of explaining laziness.

While I am extremely sorry that almost two months slipped off through my fingers without any output, there were exciting things that kept me occupied. May be they have made my thinking/thought process clearer. May be, this will help me write better in future.

One of my goals when I decided I am going to be a part of the IFFK this year was to write reviews for the bad and good films I watch; to make a diary of them and present before you. Clearly, none of that has happened. Mainly because watching five films back to back for seven days continuously was in itself a task. Analyzing them at the end of the day just did not happen. However, I am trying to put together a briefing of sorts which will remain a memoir of the film extravaganza that I attended.

Since Sharada was around, my family went for a Kumarakom trip with her. We have been there before; but this one was special because all of us were together after a long time. A close friend from school got married on the Christmas day. To attend that, I cancelled a family Bangalore trip. I don’t regret it at all as the delight of Liya’s expression when she saw me compensates for it. I was her only friend who attended the wedding.

School friends are always so special. They see you grow through those transforming stages of life. They are the friends who you have for the longest time. They know your families and vice versa much better because school friendships are monitored and approved by parents more. You have shared tiffin boxes. You have fought for silly things and then forgotten about them the next day. You have grown up together to be what you are. I was extremely emotional to see Liya get married. For many many more reasons. It is the next stage of her life and I so wish she be the happiest ever married girl. She deserves it. As I write this, she is in her flight to Sydney with Micheal.

Much more has happened in the new year. A new semester has begun. I am back at the university missing all the family time I had in Kerala. Soon, I will slip into a mode where home is at the other end of phone calls; just that.

Our courses this semester are far more ‘serious’ than last semester. At least, they sound so.

  • Media Laws and Ethics
  • Communication and Social Change
  • Introduction to Advertising and PR
  • Print and Web Production

The last course is the one that I am looking forward to. I hope that it will help improve my status of a tech-ignorant person. More importantly, I will learn to deal with softwares that enable me to make my blog look better.

The post has been long. Sandhya chechi, thanks for letting me know in the meanwhile that you were missing me. This one is for you!


Chriz said...

man all the four sujects are interesting ones.. you are gonna have fun.. esp with ethics part.. it will be sure a fun filled class.. also depends on whose gonna handle the subject...

Ardramaanasam said...

Hi Chriz,

Thanks for stopping by and scribbling! Ethics paper is being handled by Dr. Kanchan K Malik. Do you have any connection with S N School or the faculty? Or you just mentioned, that's all?



Nandini Vishwanath said...

Hey! Those topics are super easy, trust me :D

Sharada said...

Yay! You are back!

Sharada said...

And you should check out the gadgets section in the layout tab. Can play around with some of the settings, if not for the HTML design.

Nags said...

This post was so pleasant to read :)

Nags said...

god you girl! you made my day with that email of yours :) you write well, from the heart.

speak more (but make sure you do when you want to)